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Armenian Basket Flower


Centaurea macrocephala

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This seldom seen perennial flower produces large quantities of 3 inch  thistle-like flowers ( NO thorns!) and are superb in fresh or dried arrangements. Very popular with crafters and dried flower arrangers!  Blooms in late spring and summer. Grows 3-4 feet tall. Best for forgotten or hard to reach areas in the garden because established plants are drought resistant and almost indestructible.    Flowers attract butterflies and humming birds. Should be divided every 3-4 years.

Full sun is best for this rugged perennial
A well drained, light soil is preferred, but will adapt to most types, including clay.  Somewhat drought tolerant once established.
Normal bloom time is late spring through early summer.   Will repeat bloom in late summer/fall if dead-headed after spring/summer bloom.
Height: 3 to 4 feet Width:  3 feet.  A nice selection for those hard to reach places at the back of the border.  Not bothered by pests, including Japanese Beetle!

Plant in spring or fall.  Very rugged! 


Winter hardy to zone 3.

    This plant is three years old.

Our plants are container grown to prevent damage to the root system that would result if dug out of the field.  Grown in gallon pots and shipped semi-bare root .

Gallon size plants:  $10.95 each 78835    SOLD OUT

3" pot size plants.  Will bloom the next year. 78834   

Item Name: Armenian Basket Flower 3" pot
Item Number: 78834
Price: $5.99


Seed:  Armenian Basket Flower 20 seeds per pkt.

Item Name: Armenian Basket Flower Seed Pkt.
Item Number: 76056
Price: $2.50