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Baptisia Australis

(Wild Blue Indigo)

A native North American wildflower, False Indigo is an excellent choice for sunny gardens all over the continent. Plants form a tall, bushy clump of grey-green foliage, with long spikes of pea-like flowers, in shades of violet-blue. A good substitute for Lupines, in areas where they are difficult to grow. Makes an excellent cut flower, also attractive to butterflies. Drought tolerant, once established.

Baptisia australis fix nitrogen in the soil and its dried seed pods make very satisfactory rattles to amuse the little ones.

Full Sun 35-48"  Excellent cut flower.  Seed pods make good decorations.  Attracts butterflies.

Zones 2-9. Hardy perennial NATIVE flower.

Quart potted plant: 

Item Name: Baptisia Australis Quart Pot    Item Number: 13223


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