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Buena Vista Lavender

Height and Width: 2' x 2'
Zone: 5-9


Blooming twice per season (late spring and again in fall), this Lavender is a little different and not commonly available to the home gardener.  It has a superb fragrance and vivid, strongly bi-colored flowering spikes displayed with an informal habit. The elongated flower spikes have very dark blue calyxes (inner flower) and lighter blue corollas (petals) that are not seen in other English lavenders.

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Item Name:  Buena Vista Lavender 3-1/2" pot   Item Number: 13337

Buena Vista Lavender 3-1/2" pot
Qty: Price: $5.95 EA.  3 or more @ $3.95 ea


Item Name:  Buena Vista Lavender 3-1/2" pot  Flat of 18 pots    Item Number: 13338

Buena Vista Lavender 3-1/2" pot Flat of 18 pots
Qty: Price: $36.80