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Chives:  Onion & Garlic


"Onion" Chives:  Allium schoenoprasum

Garlic Chives:  Allium tuberosum

Collections:  Allium schoenoprasum & Allium tuberosum


Chives "Purly" above in Mid-Summer bloom.  Round leaves and purple flowers.  Mild onion flavor.

About 'em

The subtle and pleasant taste of chives make them an extremely popular food addition!  Fresh chives, finely chopped, are sprinkled over soups, baked potatoes,  stews, and several sauces.  In mid-Summer, they will also put on quite a show with their abundant, fragrant flowers.  Certainly just as well at home in the flower garden as the herb garden.  Perfect year around windowsill plant, too!

In Chinese cooking, the flat leaves of garlic chives are often used the same way as we use regular chives in our cooking:., sprinkled over foods for extra fragrance and decoration. Garlic chives can be substituted by regular chives, but since regular chives have a weaker flavor, it is worthwhile to grow both so you will always have an ample supply of either one for what ever the recipe calls for.

Garlic Chives have flat leaves and white flowers.  (above)


Available as 3" potted plants or seed. 

Chives, Purly (onion flavor)  

3" pot

Item Name: Onion Chives 3" Pot    Item Number: 12591

Onion Chives 3" Pot
Qty: Price: $5.95 ea.  3-9 @ $3.98 ea.  10-24@ $3.50 ea.  25 + @ $3.25 ea

Pak of 200 seeds 

Item Name: Purly Chives Seed    Item Number: 76062

Purly Chives Seed
Qty: Price: $2.50

Garlic Chives  

3" Pot 

Item Name: Garlic Chives 3" Pot    Item Number: 12592

Garlic Chives 3" Pot
Qty: Price: $5.95 ea.  3-9 @ $3.98 ea.  10-24@ $3.50 ea.  25 + @ $3.25 ea

Pak of 200 seeds 

Item Name: Garlic Chives Seed    Item Number: 76063

Garlic Chives Seed
Qty: Price: $2.50


Chives seed collection.  1 Pkt each of the Purly and Garlic:

Item Name: Chives Seed Collection    Item Number: 76064

Chives Seed Collection
Qty: Price: $4.39

Chives PLANT collection:  3 pots of garlic and 3 pots of onion chives:

Item Name: Chives PLANT Collection Six 3" Pots    Item Number: 76257

Chives PLANT Collection Six 3" Pots
Qty: Price: $14.99


How to grow-em

Chives grow in clumps, with grass-like leaves reaching a height of 9 - 12 inches. The stems are firm, straight, smooth, and, like the leaves, bright dark green. The flowers, which bloom for about two months in midsummer, form round globes that also make an attractive garnish.


The easiest way to start chives is to purchase an established potted plant to transplant into your garden. They are also very easy to start from seeds. Plant them in pots 8-10 weeks before wanting to set them out or sow seeds directly in the garden as early in spring as the soil can be worked. Seeds can also be planted as late as 2 months before the first fall frost as these perennial herbs are quite hardy.

Plant in a well drained soil with lots of organic matter and keep evenly moist, but not soaking wet.  They perform best in full sun.  However, in climates with hot summers, choose a location where they can receive some shade during the hot part of the day.

Divide established clumps of bulbs every third or fourth year either in spring or early fall. Transplant clusters to other spots or into pots for indoor use.  They also make nice gifts for your gardening friends and aspiring chefs. Chives can also be raised fresh each year from seed.

Removing  the flower heads will help to maintain a constant supply of fresh leaves. Chives can also self-sow, so unless you want volunteers sprouting up, be sure to dead head after blooms fade if they were not removed earlier.  The foliage dies down in the winter, but you can have a steady supply of spikes by potting up a clump or two for indoor windowsill use. Make sure your container chives get plenty of sun and even moisture.

Chives are usually harvested with scissors. The snipped chives give a hint of onion (or garlic, depending on the type) flavor to egg dishes, cheese soufflés, salads, soups, cream cheese sandwiches, and sour cream dressing for baked potatoes. Chive butter is also a great addition with grilled chops and steaks.  Garlic chives added to your butter will make a quick garlic toast when spread upon bread fresh from the toaster