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Clasping Coneflower

Rudbeckia amplexicaulis   Also known as  Dracopis amplexicaulis

Annual. Grows quickly.  Can reseed its self
Height:  up to 2 feet
Full sun
This small flowered black-eyed susan is easy to grow, and quite drought tolerant. Attractive to bees, butterflies and, birds.

Native wildflower from Kansas to Texas and Georgia, this flower has elongated, bluish,  leaves that "clasp" around the stem at the base. The flower heads are similar to those of black-eyed susans, but they are smaller (mostly 1-2 inches in diameter).  The orange to yellow outer "petals" droop as the flowers mature, and the cylindrical black center elongates up to 2 inches in length. Flowering begins in June.

Adapts to many soil types, but it  prefers a moist site. Prefers full sun and will not do well in a shaded location.

So easy to grow that we offer seed only.

Clasping Coneflower Seed:  Pkt of 200++ seeds 

Item Name: Clasping Coneflower Seed Pkt.  Item Number: 76038

Clasping Coneflower Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50