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Cedrus deodara

Deodar Cedar is a very elegant ornamental tree, much planted in parks and large gardens for its graceful drooping foliage, though it can only be grown where winters are mild.  Often used as "living Christmas trees" and for bonsai.  Due to their fast growth, and fairly long shoots, Deodar Cedars are better suited to the larger bonsai sizes.  Seeds require stratification.  Complete directions included.  Seed crop year 2005.

Hardiness Zones: 7-8
Habit: Evergreen
Growth Rate: Moderate
Site Requirements: Sun to partial shade; well drained, some what dry site
Texture: Fine
Form: Pyramidal; pendulous branches
Height: 40 to 70'
Width: 30 to 40'


Pkt of 30-40 seeds

Item Name: Deodar Cedar Seeds Pkt    Item Number: 02053


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