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Flowering Almond

 Prunus glandulosa rosea plena

Compact Strain

This old-fashioned flowering shrub will bring back memories of springtime visits to grandmas house!  In early spring, the branches will be covered with fully double pink blooms making quite a sight and filling the air with it's delicate scent.

Useful as a specimen, block groupings, or as a hedge.  Compact, dense growth will act as a barrier in summer and a "snow fence" in winter.  May be pruned or sheared.  Tends to keep full growth right to the ground.  Mature height is about 4 feet.  Does NOT produce almonds.

Space 3-4' for a hedge.  5-6' in groupings.

Summer foliage is a rich green and this hardy shrub is not usually bothered by insects, disease, or browsing deer.

Hardy Zones 3b to 8.  Best in full sun.  Will tolerate light shade.    Somewhat drought tolerant.

Plant above is three years old from a gallon size plant.

This item cannot be shipped to CA

Seed:  Pak of 15 seeds 

Item Name: Dwarf Flowering Almond Seed  Item Number: 69000


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Shipped bare to semi-bare root depending on season.

One Gallon:   12-24"  

Item Name: Dwarf Flowering Almond Gal BR  Item Number: 69006


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