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Mexican Hat Flower

Ratibida Columnaris

Native Perennial wildflower!


Mexican Hat Flower 24-30”  Hardy Perennial Wildflower

This is a native American Wildflower and is very hardy surviving well into Zone 3.  May be sown indoors 4-6 weeks before spring ” deep at 65 degrees or direct seeded.  Transplants well.  Space 12"  Should have full direct sun and does very well in hot, dry locations.  Blooms the first year.  Should be divided or thinned out every few years to maintain vigor.  Does not require rich soil.  Not for shady moist areas!!  Blooms mid summer into fall and puts on a beautiful show!.  Butterflies are attracted to this plant as well.  Very easy to grow from seed!

200+ Seeds per pak:   

Item Name: Mexican Hat flower Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76052

Mexican Hat flower Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50