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Moskito Schocker®

(Mosquito Shocker)


Pelargoniums with a lemon scent that repels mosquitoes!


From the same breeders that brought you Dogs Gone® to repel dogs, cats and rabbits, now introduce this exciting new geranium that actually repels mosquitoes!

Extremely popular in Europe, these are now available in the USA!

Three times the oil content that repels mosquitoes than the common 'mosquito-shoo' geranium.

Due to their intensive lemon scent these new selections of Mr. Dieter Stegmeier, Essingen Germany, offer long lasting and pleasant smelling protection against these biting pests. It is even more effective, to rub one or two leaves on arms, legs and neck.

In addition to being decorative, they really do repel those nasty biting summer-time-critters, (mosquitoes) and they are ideal for balcony boxes, hanging baskets, and also do well as a decorative tub plant on terrace or balcony.

Planted in tubs along our deck, there were no mosquitoes pestering us or our guests within 15 feet of these plants.

Perennial Zones 9-11 or grow as an annual.  Minimal water requirement.  Grow as a geranium.  Full sun to part shade.

Available April - September.  Cannot be shipped in freezing weather.  Quantity limited.

3-1/2" pot.    Item 76250


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Flat of 18 pots

Item Name: Moskito Schocker flat of 18   3-1/2" Pots   Item Number: 76251


Please visit our new website at for current availabitlity and pricing!