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Mountain Mint

Pycanthemum pycanthemoides



This herb has a  peppermint like menthol scent.

Related to the regular mints, it does not have the invasive runners.

White to pale pink flowers in late spring to summer.

12-18" height and width, but can get much larger under good conditions.  Well drained soil a must.  Does not like soggy feet!  Sun to partial shade.

Perennial Zones 2-9

A strong tea made from the leaves will get rid of chiggers when applied externally to the affected areas.  Also makes a natural insect repellent although you will smell like a candy cane.  Deer will not touch this plant and tend to avoid any plants close to it.

Great for drying.

3" Potted plants 

Item Name: Mountain Mint 3" Pot
Item Number: 76073
Price: $5.59

Not currently in production


Item Name: Mountain Mint Seed Pkt    Item Number: 76074

Mountain Mint Seed Pkt
Qty: Price: $2.50