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Ornamental Gourds




Caveman's Club


  Speckled Swan

Tiny Bottle

Super Gourd assortment:  1 pkt each of the above 6 types: $13.99

Item Name: Super Gourd Seed Assortment   Item Number: 76049

Super Gourd Seed Assortment
Qty: Price: $13.99

Birdhouse Gourd Seed

Lagenaria siceraria


Ornamental and versatile gourd that is easily dried for either birdhouses or other craft and decorating projects.  Size:  12-18" tall x 6-10" diameter.  Easy to grow and may be trellised.  These are the same that we grow, dry, and sell every year.  Packet: 20 seeds. Days to Maturity: 125.



Packet of 20 seeds 

 Item Name: Birdhouse Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76043

Birdhouse Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50


Bushel Gourd

Lagenaria siceraria


Gigantic gourds weighing up to 100 pounds!   This plant produces gigantic size gourds! Can grow up to 5 feet in diameter!  This form is ideal for crafts. Very lightweight when dried. Hard to find seed!

Maturity 125 days.
Pkt of 15 seeds

Item Name: Bushel Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76044

Bushel Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.75

Dipper Gourd

Lagenaria siceraria

Maturity: 125 Days

Grow and dry for ladles, dippers, or just decoration.
The blossom end is average 4" oval-round and is attached to a 12" or longer, narrower ""handle."" Dry for durable utensils, crafts.

Pkt. of 20 seeds

Item Name: Dipper Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76045

Dipper Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50

Caveman's Club

Lagenaria siceraria

Maturity: 125 Days

A neat looking club-shaped gourd. Great for drying, decorating, and for several craft projects.
A prehistoric looking 12-18" long gourd with an oblong, deeply veined club and narrow handle. Fresh skin color varies from dark green to dark green with light green variegation. Grow on a trellis for straight necks. Good choice to enliven fall displays, too!

Pkt 20 Seeds

Item Name: Caveman's Club Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76048

Caveman's Club Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.75

Tiny Bottle  Birdhouse Gourd

Lagenaria siceraria

Miniature version of the above Bottle or Birdhouse gourd. "Hand Size"!  Avg. 7-8" tall.  Some will be only 3-5" tall and will make interesting ornaments.  A trellis will give the best results.  Also good grown on a fence.

 Packet: 20 seeds. Days to Maturity: 125


Tiny Bottle Birdhouse Gourd Seed:  20 per pak

Item Name: Tiny Bottle Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76044

Tiny Bottle Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50

Speckled Swan Gourd




Unusual ornamental.
Attractive gourds reminiscent of swans. Skin color is dark green, with light green speckles changing to a speckled tan when dried. 10-12" from curve in neck to base of fruit. A few gourds will have necks that do not bulb, like a regular dipper gourd.

Packet: 20 seeds. Days to Maturity: 125

Speckled Swan Gourd Seeds 20 per pak. 

Item Name: Speckled Swan Gourd Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76046

Speckled Swan Gourd Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50


Gourd  Culture  (Tender Annual)

Requires lots of room if not trellised or grown on a fence or arbor.  Vines can run 20 feet!  In short season areas, seeds should be started early, about 4 weeks before last frost date.  Plant 1” deep, three to a pot (peat pots are best), keep moist at 70-80 degrees F for germination in 7-10 days.  For direct seeding, plant 3-4 seeds per ‘hill’, six feet apart (4 feet if trellised) after all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed up.  Better shaped fruit will be obtained if trellised or grown on a fence.  Do not harvest the gourds too early!  Let them remain on the vine until the vines are dead.  They will cure best this way.  Frost will not harm fully developed fruits and actually speeds up the curing process.  We cure ours outdoors in the October sun for as long as possible before removing them to the garage to finish the curing process.  Do not be alarmed when mold forms on the outer surface.  This is a natural part of the curing process and adds character to the finished gourd.  When the fruits are dry, they will be light and the seed capsule inside will rattle.  Another technique is to fill the partially cleaned gourds with clean, dry sand, and cover them with sand in a container. This is heated over a fire for several days, drying out the gourds. Patterns may be cut into the gourds before they are dried, or the shells may be forced into desired shapes. The gourd can be finished in a variety of ways.  Dried gourds are cleaned, painted, shellacked, or waxed. Well-treated gourds become durable containers. The dry hard shells are used for bottles, milk pots, churns, bowls, ladles, spoons, work baskets, floats, pipes, carved objects, and musical instruments. Gourds prepared for Purple Martin houses should be painted with an exterior oil-base white paint to
reflect the sun's rays and cool the insides.  .Plan on 100-125 days from sowing to harvest.  Full sun, adequate water, and rich soil will give the best results.