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Pachysandra terminalis

Excellent Ground Cover For Problem Areas!

Excellent in masses under heavy shade of trees. A dense, lustrous evergreen, trailing vine-type of ground cover, white flowers, spring. If planted 6" apart, it will give a pleasing effect immediately and in two years time form a solid ground cover. Grows in any soil. Water liberally. It is VERY HARDY. Grows in sun or shade, to a uniform height of 6". Fine for terraces or any place where grass is not successful.
Zone: 4-9
Height: 6 Inches

Remember this about pachysandra: The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps.  It takes a year to get established before spreading out.  It will make a thick, dense bed and is the perfect solution  around tree trunks and where sunlight is scarce and mowing difficult.

Above Photo taken 1/17 in dead of winter!

MAINTENANCE: Pachysandra are planted 6-12 inches apart in spring in prepared soil with organic matter added. Top dress planted beds yearly with compost and/or fertilizers. Prune back or mow in spring whenever plantings need to be renovated. During dry periods water by giving a 1 inch soaking, rather than light sprinklings. Newly planted pachysandra requires mulch, but it grows so quickly after the first year that not much, if any mulch is required later.

Heavily rooted plants!  Rooted cuttings ship Spring to early summer only.

Partial shade to full shade

Pachysandra:  2"-6" well-rooted cuttings. 

Item Name: Pachysandra Rooted Cuttings ea.    Item Number: 65801

Pachysandra Rooted Cuttings ea.
Qty: Price: $1.19 ea.  10-24 @ $1.09 ea.  25-99 @ .72 ea  100 or more @ $0.69 ea


POTTED PLANTS:  3-1/2" pot  Shipped in-pot.  two year old.

   Item Name: Pachysandra 3-1/2" Pot    Item Number: 13037

Pachysandra 3-1/2" Pot
Qty: Price: $5.95 ea.  3-9 @ $3.98 ea.  10-24@ $3.50 ea.  25 + @ $3.25 ea