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Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpens sp.


Bravado shown above.

Standard purple below (bee not included)


Native American wildflower

Zones 2-8

Blooms  mid to late season

Height:  2-3 feet

Prefers  full sun

Culture: Echinacea prefers loose, sandy soil, but will do fine in clay if given time. Plant in spring or fall.

Purple coneflower is tough, great for cutting, and one of our most beautiful native wildflowers. Once plants with their dark green, deeply-veined leaves are established, it can be the most important color maker in a mature perennial bed  in midseason.

Under its botanical genus name, Echinacea, it has gained worldwide popularity as the No. 1 herbal medicinal. Long a favorite of Native Americans in treating snakebite, Echinacea today is used in tablet and other forms to ward off colds and flus, and even to support the immune system. Millions of Americans now take pills or potions containing Echinacea daily. (Medicine is made from all parts of the plant, but most important are the thick black rootstocks, which are ground up for processing.)

Our plants are heavy, container grown stock.  Not like the small field-dug plants offered by many mail-order nurseries!

All sizes offered will bloom the year planted out in your garden.

Shipped in pot

4-1/2" pot size:         

Item Name: Purple Coneflower 4-1/2": Pot    Item Number: 78840


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Gallon pot size:  $10.95 each  78841     




HUGE blooms, often 5" across.  Petals are held more horizontal than the species. 

24-36"+ tall at maturity.

Zones 2-8

Magnus shown above

Grown and shipped in 4-1/2" perennial pots.

Item Name: Magnus Purple Coneflower 4-1/2" Pot     Item Number: 02109


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 Natural prairie photo above of standard purple        Gallons shown above