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Easy to grow and low maintenance.

Large increase in varieties!  Both upright, trailing, and groundcover.

Plug flats available for many varieties for mass plantings.


Sedums are a popular rock garden item, ground cover, landscape accent, and are increasingly used in the new movement to "green roof" architecture.  The green roof concept is not new and has been in use in the far east for hundreds of years.  The popular "Chubby Fingers" sedum is one of the most widely used roof-top sedums in Japan.  The small, trailing sedums used for this purpose are ideal due to the hardy rugged nature of the species.  They are cold and drought tolerant and the fine roots do not damage roof materials.  They also do not produce large amounts of dry material which could become a fire hazard.

The upright types have been popular for years as landscape accents and borders.  Sedums are care free and rugged tolerating all but the wettest of conditions.  Plus, the uprights feature a four season interest.

Sedums are, for the most part,   Deer resistant.

The term "deer resistant" does not equal deer proof.  Deer will eat any plant if they have no other food source.

Rock garden/ground cover assortment plug trays

Looking to do a rock garden or a ground cover for a sunny area?  Need a lot of different sedums for your project?  This might be your solution!  Offered here are two different assortments.  The first is a 72 count flat of six different varieties; 12 of each.  The second is an assortment of 12 different varieties; six of each.  Our choice of varieties.  We will also custom produce these assorted flats with the varieties you desire (pending availability) with a four week lead time.  Not available in winter.  April thru September only.


Item Name: Sedum Assortment 6 Varieties 72 ct. Flat    Item Number: 20027

Sedum Assortment 6 Varieties 72 ct. Flat
Qty: Price: $52.00

Cost per cell:  $0.722  Check PLUG AVAILABILITY page to see if in stock or if a lead time is required.


Item Name: Sedum Assortment 12 varieties 72ct. Flat    Item Number: 20028

Sedum Assortment 12 varieties  72 ct. Flat
Qty: Price: $52.00

Cost per cell:  $0.722   Check PLUG AVAILABILITY page to see if in stock or if a lead time is required.

Trailing Types

* Indicates suitable for "Green" roof use


Upright Types


A PARTIAL Listing Of Sedum Species

What is a "green roof"?

Plug flat availability

sun Full sun
part sun Part sun/shade
shade Shade
Cut Flower
Attracts Butterflies
Ground Cover
Attracts Hummingbirds
Tolerates light foot traffic
Tolerates foot trafic
  Deer resistant