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Senorita Rosalita®



Cleome hybrid
Spider Flower

Senorita Rosalita® 'Inncleosr' US PP19,733; Can. PBR 3290

Cleomes (spider flowers) have been around for a long time. But there was talk. Thorns. Sticky leaves and stems. There were even Cleomes, some whispered, that smelled like s-k-u-n-k. Unless they were deadheaded, the varieties with seed pods looked sad. For others if the temperature rose above 100 degrees there were no more flowers and the bottom leaves, they shriveled and fell off.

Now I, Senorita Rosalita have restored Cleome’s reputation. The magnificent dark leaves on my 3-5 feet tall upright branches are topped by clusters of bright, lavender pink flowers. And they bloom with abandon from late spring through fall. I scoff at heat, and renounce all thorns and sticky substances. Deadheading is no more. All I ask is that you plant me in full sun in a place where water drains freely through the soil. Grow me, and should you ever smell a certain aroma, at least you will know it is not I that am the source.

Does not self seed!

Exposure:  Full sun

Height:  24-48"

Spacing:  20-24"

Hardy Temp:  25°F (-4°C) Perennial in zones 9-11.  Usually treated as an annual in more northern zones.

Uses:  Use in landscape beds for height or in large planters

This heat and drought tolerant plant adds dramatic height to landscape beds; sterile flowers, and thornless, stickyless, "smell-less" foliage adds to the appeal for this great garden performer.

Item Name: Senorita Rosalita Cleome  Quart Pot       Item Number: 20067


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Item Name: Senorita Rosalita Cleome  FULL FLAT OF 8 Quart Pot s      Item Number: 20081


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