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Tatarian Honeysuckle


Tatarian Honeysuckle

Fast growing. Dense, round shrub with early emerging dark green leaves with reddish tinge.  White to light pink flowers in June followed by red fruit. Good yellow fall color.  Good for northern gardens.


Fragrant Flowers

Honeysuckle prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial sun, and even some light, afternoon shade. Once established, Honeysuckle needs only moderate watering, unless the summer is very dry. If the
planting area is properly prepared and mulched, your Honeysuckle will be satisfied with a light annual application of a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10) at the beginning of the growing season, and
then once again in the middle of the blooming season.

When your plant has finished blooming, you can prune for shape. Only lightly prune plants until they are well established at about 2 years old.  After which you can prune to desired height.  We keep ours at 6 feet.

Excellent for use as a screen (we use them to hide our air conditioning unit), hedge, or specimen plant.  Birds love the fruit!

Zone 2-9

9-15’ shrub without pruning.


Berries in late June


Container grown; shipped semi-bare root. 

Gallon size plants; 12-30" tall; branched.    

Item Name: Tatarian Honeysuckle  Item Number: 78969


2 Gallon

Item Name: Tatarian Honeysuckle 2 GAL  SBR  Item Number: 13377



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Seed:  Pak of 100 seeds  $2.50

Item Name:  Tatarian Honeysuckle Seed Pkt.  Item Number: 76293


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