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 Juncus (Rush)

Juncus (JUN-kus)  'unicorn'


Like corkscrew rush on steroids!!  The twisting, turning "leaves" are a real attention getter.  Picture rush with a really bad hair day.

Excellent for use in bogs, wet areas, and ponds.  Can stand in water up to 6" deep. 

The plants spread by underground rhizomes. They are very easy to grow in containers and make a wonderful addition to the water garden.  Best kept in containers.

18-24" tall at maturity.  Evergreen in most areas.

Flowers May - June

Hardy zones 4-9

Sun to partial shade.

NOT for dry areas!

Grown and shipped in 4-1/2" perennial pots

Item Name: Unicorn Rush 4-1/2" Pot     Item Number: 02104

Unicorn Rush 4-1/2" Pot
Qty: Price: $6.95