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Wichita Blue Juniper

  Juniperus scopulorum 'Wichita Blue'

Typical gallon pot shipping size above.

Gold juniper in foreground is Saybrook Gold®

A somewhat slow growing upright evergreen with very intense silver-blue foliage. This is a compact pyramidal grower making it ideal for accents, specimens or pruning into spirals and poodles.   The striking blue foliage stays bright all year.  Height: 15' Width: 8'  It can be pruned to retain any size.   Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches                        
Full Sun to partial shade.   Hardy to Zone 3.

Starters:  6-12".

Item Name: Wichita Blue Juniper Starter Plant    Item Number 02168

Wichita Blue Juniper Starter Plant
Qty: Price: $4.59 ea.  10 or more @ $3.99 ea.



Container grown in gallon pots shipped semi-bare root. 

Item Name: Wichita Blue Juniper GAL SBR  Item Number: 90013

Wichita Blue Juniper GAL SBR
Qty: Price: $12.95 ea.  3-9 @ $10.95 ea.  10-25 @ $8.95 ea.


2 Gallon:  Quantity limited.

Item Name: Wichita Blue Juniper 2 GAL SBR   Item Number: 23601