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Sedum  "Acre"

Also known as Goldmoss Sedum

Sedum acre L

Evergreen trailing perennial, up to 4 inches tall makes a wonderful groundcover and accent for rock gardens and containers.  Especially effective in a whiskey barrel as it will cascade over the sides.  Tolerant of dry conditions and very hardy.  Tiny yellow flowers in spring as a large flush, then sporadically through the summer.

Hardy perennial.

Light shade to full sun. 

Well drained soil a must.  Not for soggy areas.

Plant 8 to 12 inches apart .


3" pot size.  Full, well branched. 

Item Name: Acre Sedum 3" pot  Item Number: 99005




Seed:  Pkt is 200+ seeds

Item Name: Acre Sedum Seed Pkt.    Item Number: 76146

Acre Sedum Seed Pkt.
Qty: Price: $2.50