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Amethyst™   Coralberry

Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii 'Kordes'



The vivid color of this new coral berry makes it superior to other varieties. The vibrant hot pink fruit is much brighter and showier in the landscape than that of other coral berry cultivars. AMETHYST™ has good branching and a neat habit, unlike the rangy forms seen in many older types. This is a great plant to include in the home garden. It provides vivid color in mid-summer, and works nicely in informal woodland type gardens. It has been reported to be somewhat deer resistant.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 3-7  Full sun to partial shade

Size: 3 to 5 feet high and wide with age. Can be easily sheared to maintain it as a smaller plant

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This is a patented variety and all royalties have been paid.  Patent tag included.  Unauthorized propagation or sale of plant parts for propagation is prohibited by law.

Container grown in gallon containers.  Shipped semi bare root with rootball wrapped.    Will bear fruit the year planted from a Spring or Summer planting.

Item Name: AMETHYST Coral berry GAL SBR    Item Number: 12602


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