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Amur Privet 

Also known as Amur River North Privet

  Ligustrum  amurense

Hardy Northern Strain

Above hedge is three years old from 12" plants.

The above hedge serves as a snow fence in winter, as well.

Container grown in Gallon pots.  Superior to field grown plants........Our container-grown plants have a denser and more branched root system.  Shipped semi-bare root.  12-30" tall & well branched. 

Makes an excellent hedge!  Can be kept pruned short or into shapes.  Un-pruned plants may reach 15'

Hardy to Zone 3-7.  Performs best in zones 3-6.  Southern zones better suited for regular privet.  Plant in full sun.  Space 1-3 feet apart for hedge.

Shipped semi-bare root.    SEED also available.

Gallon size Amur Privet:  12-30"

Item Name: Hardy Northern Privet Gal BR    Item Number: 69001


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One year, rooted cuttings shipped in  Pots.  These plants are 6-16" and grow on rapidly.

Item Name: Hardy Northern Privet 2" Square Band Pot
Item Number: 13092



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Lot of 100 unrooted hardwood cuttings 8-12" long.  Pre-treated with rooting hormone, cold treated, and callused.

  Privet is one of the easiest shrubs to grow from hardwood cuttings.  No special, expensive equipment is involved, just a little attention to detail.  May be rooted in-place or in a nursery bed and then transplanted out to the final location the second year.  Complete directions included.  May also be started in deep pots and kept in a cold garage or shed until spring.  Rapid grower.  You should have a 3' plant in 2 years from these cuttings.  THIS IS THE SAME METHOD WE USE IN OUR NURSERY to grow our stock that we sell.

While this method of propagation for this plant is considered easy, it is not for the raw beginner.  Attention to detail is crucial and weeds must be excluded from the growing bed.  Cuttings must be planted with 7 days of receipt or refrigerated at 40 degrees with high humidity until planted.  Maximum 90 days in storage.  Shipped wet with basal ends in wet packing material.  end that "goes in the ground" is dyed blue and treated with IBA rooting hormone.  Do not cut this off.  Minimum planting depth is 8".  Because we are not able to control your growing conditions, these are sold without warranty other than being true to type.  We have had several requests for this and are offering this for those experienced to try out.    May also be layered in moist sphagnum moss over plastic, rolled up, and stored in a cool place above freezing for a head start on spring.  This will allow a 'callus' to form at the base and some may start to root before spring. 

Deadline for shipping this item is late March.  We can ship at your convenience.

ONE LOT OF 100 UNROOTED HARDWOOD CUTTINGS.    Complete directions included.

Item Name: Amur Privet Lot of 100 Harwood Cuttings   Item Number: 24728


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