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Autumn Jazz® Viburnum

 Viburnum dentatum 'Ralph Senior' 

A Chicagoland Grows™ introduction


Uniform upright-oval habit and an appealing kaleidoscope blend of yellow, orange, red and burgundy fall colors.  Creamy white, flat-topped flowers appear in mid- to late May, followed by ornamental clusters of blue-black fruit in autumn. This Viburnum exhibits excellent adaptability to a broad spectrum of soil types. It grows 8' to 10' in height with a 6' to 8' spread in 10 years.

Zones 3-8  Full sun to partial shade.

Use for shrub border, hedge, screen or naturalistic planting. Attracts birds.

Birds are very attracted to the fruit and will strip it clean during fall migrations. If any fruit are left in spring, they help early migrants during cold snaps in April. The multibranched shrub also provides good cover and nesting spots for many birds.

Best fruit set will be obtained if another viburnum is in the area.

Fall Colors

Container grown in gallon pots shipped semi-bare root.   

Item Name: Autumn Jazz Viburnum GAL SBR   Item Number: 90049


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