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Black Chokeberry


Aronia melanocarpa


Native to wetlands and wet woods from Florida to Nova Scotia, this fast-growing shrub does fine in wet or dry soil, in sun or partial shade, even in poor soils.

This is a vase shaped shrub, branching from the base, 6-10 ft in height, with touches of red in every season including; white flowers with red stamens in spring, orange/red fall foliage and clusters of Black berries in fall and winter.

Use for: Naturalizing, border shrub, wildlife habitat, accent plant, screen, or erosion control.

 The berries are eaten by cedar waxwings, chickadees, grouse, catbirds, eastern meadowlarks and others.

Fruit is edible and a good source of vitamin C.  Commonly used for juice, jams, jellies, and syrup.

Zones:  4-7

Fall Color

Pictured is a typical branch in fall.

Container grown shipped bare to semi-bare root depending on season.

Gallon size; 24"+ 

Item Name: Black Chokeberry GAL SBR  Item Number: 12594


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Seeds  Pak of 100++   

Item Name: Black Chokeberry SEED Pkt.    Item Number: 12597


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