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Bloodtwig  Dogwood


Cornus sanguinea

Rugged shrub which rarely grows taller than 9 feet. Known for it's blood-red branches in winter.

The wood is tough and very durable.  The dense, fine root system it develops will 'hold' embankments.  Also suited to moist locations, such as along stream banks.  This fast growing shrub is an excellent choice for wildlife as well.  It provides food, shelter, and nesting for many birds.

 Useless trivia:  The 'Ice man' discovered on the border between Italy and Austria in 1991 was carrying arrows made from dogwood.

The flowers are white and have four pointed petals, appearing in June and July.  The berries ripen from August to October. Red fall foliage color.


Zones 3-9

Space 5-8' apart


Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped bare to semi-bare root depending on season.


Gallon size plant:  12-36" 

Item Name: Bloodtwig Dogwood 1 Gal SBR  Item Number: 78966


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SEED:  Easy to grow from seed.

Seed:  pak of 25 seeds   

Item Name: Bloodtwig Dogwood SEED   Item Number: 12603


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