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Blue Muffin™ Viburnum

Viburnum dentatum 'christom' 




A new compact selection of Arrowwood Viburnum! The perfect sized plant for residential landscapes. This compact beauty has loads of white spring flowers, and an impressive display of rich blue berries. Makes a great low hedge or foundation plant. Good container growing plant. Attracts songbirds.  Berries are NOT edible.

The habit is dense and multistemmed with arching branches. The foliage is glossy dark green, fall colors are yellows, reds and purples.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 3-9

Size: 3 to 5 feet 3 to 4 feet wide

Exposure: Very adaptable! Full sun, partial shade or shade

Soil: Adaptable to many soils, moderate moisture

Uses: Not only is this plant showy, it's very utilitarian. Use it as a small hedge, a foundation plant or on the edge of a woodland setting.

This is a patented variety and all royalties have been paid.  Patent tag included.  Unauthorized propagation or sale of plant parts for propagation is prohibited by law.

Container grown in gallon pots shipped semi-bare root. (SBR)   20-36"

Item Name: Blue Muffin Viburnum Gal SBR   Item Number: 90046


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Item Name: Blue Muffin Viburnum 2 Gal SBR   Item Number: 13131


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Item Name: Blue Muffin Viburnum 5 Gal SBR   Item Number: 13191


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Growing Tips
Fruit production is increased by having another cultivar of Arrowwood near by to cross pollinate the flowers. Local native stands of Arrowwood will also act as a cross pollinator. Prefers well drained soil but adapts well to a variety of soils. Withstands high pH, heavy soils and vagaries of climate. Possibly one of the most durable Viburnums for the East and Midwest. Pruning is best done immediately after flowering, buds form the summer prior to blooming. Medium moisture. Deciduous shrub. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees and shrubs. Follow the label for the recommended rate of application.

Makes a great hedge or foundation planting, excellent for residential landscapes. Also good in groupings, masses, and as a filler in the shrub border, good as a screen and for use in parking lots.

Creamy white flowers appear in summer followed by bright blue berries which appear in late summer. Attractive to birds and other wildlife.  NOTE:  Berries are NOT edible!!