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Bud's Yellow Twig Dogwood

Cornus sericea 'flavirame' "Bud's Yellow"

Superior to the standard yellow-twig dogwood because of its very distinct and attractive bright gold branches. This is
a beautiful four-season, upright shrub that is covered with white blossoms in May, pleasant green foliage in summer, then giving way to berries in the fall, followed by very attractive and eye catching gold colored stems in winter that are really set off by a snow cover. 

Good choice for massing in large areas and for shrub borders. Excellent specimen shrub.

Also an effective bank cover since the fibrous root system holds soil quite well.


Good plant for wildlife.

Size at Maturity: 3 - 6 ft without pruning.

Zones 2-9  very hardy!

Space 5-8' apart

Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped bare to semi-bare root depending on season.

Gallon size plant 18"+: 

Item Name: Bud's Yellow Twig Dogwood Gallon BR   Item Number: 21879


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2 Gallon

Item Name: Yellow Twig Dogwood 2 Gal SBR   Item Number: 78966