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Nanking Cherry

Prunus Tomentosa

Gallon plant above



A beautiful touch to add to the landscape!

Height: 6-8'
Width: 6-8'
Hardiness Zone: 3a

Nanking Cherry is a large wide spreading shrub. It can be pruned as a small tree. It is grown primarily for its showy white flowers which cover the plant in early spring. The  bright red fruit which ripen in early July are edible but a little tart for fresh eating. They make excellent jams and jellies.  The fruit is also relished by birds. Leaves are dark green with fuzzy undersides. Can also be used as a mass planting or informal hedge. Requires a good, well drained soil. Fairly drought tolerant. It does best in full sun. Needs cross pollination to produce fruit, so plant at least two.  There are no individual male and female plants.

Container grown.  Shipped with rootball wrapped.  Shipped out of pot.  Plants are 24-48" .



Seeds:  Pak of 15  

Item Name: Nanking Cherry Seed   Item Number: 78759


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1 Gallon: 

Item Name: Nanking Cherry GAL SBR  Item Number: 12593


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Purple Leaf  Sand Cherry
Prunus Cistena

This thick-growing, long-lived shrub is called the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Sometimes called Purple leaf Plum although the actual purple leaf plum is a tree.  However, this can also be trained as a small tree if desired.

Produces bright red 3 inch leaves in spring and blushing, white flowers in May. In autumn it produces purple-black edible cherries and the foliage turns a magnificent reddish purple.

This ornamental shrub is especially valued for its hardiness and unique coloring. It is an asset to the landscape and a standout specimen shrub. Makes a wonderful hedge as well! 


Early Spring foliage & blooms

Grows 2-8 feet tall. depending on pruning.

Plant 2-3 feet apart for a hedge.

Best in full sun.

Zones 4-8



                                      One gallon pots in the nursery                           


Container grown in gallon pots; shipped bare to semi-bare root, depending on season.  18-24" branched

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry; 1 gallon size

Item Name: Purple Leaf Sand Cherry GAL SBR  Item Number: 78965


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Sand Cherry

Prunus besseyi

Also known as Western Sand Cherry and Hansen's Bush Cherry

This shrub produces a profusion of white flowers in the spring. These are followed by purple to black, edible fruits. The leaves are a glossy silvery green. Good choice for use on hot dry sites.
Provides preferred fruit for numerous songbirds. Growth form creates good roosting and loafing cover for songbirds and game birds, and nesting cover for songbirds. Native to northern Great Plains.  Beautiful red fall color.


Hardiness Zones: 2 to 6
Height: 6 ft Spread: 6 ft Form: rounded
Type: deciduous shrub
Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches


2-4'tall,  2 gallon size plants shipped semi bare root  (SBR)

Item Name: Western Sand Cherry 2 GAL  SBR  Item Number: 13612


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