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Scardy Cat!        Dog's Gone! 

Bunnies Gone!

Coleus canina Sumcol 01 (Patent #13843)


This is a variety of Coleus in the Plectranthus family that has compact vigorous dark green foliage, lavender flowers on a spike with a pungent (to the animals) odor that deters dogs, cats and rabbits. For the last several years, it has been proven in Europe as an effective and safe method of keeping dogs, cats and rabbits away from vegetable gardens, flower beds, landscape areas, sandboxes and children's play areas. It will not harm children or pets and is environmentally safe. Plant three feet apart around areas to be protected.

Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone! & Bunnies Gone! (all the same plant, by the way) exudes an odor that is non-offensive to humans, but with their well developed sense of smell, repels dogs, cats, rabbits and other varmints looking for a place to dine or do their unsavory business. An earth friendly alternative to chemical deterrents, Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone!, & Bunnies Gone! has been approved by naturalist organizations. In addition to millions of satisfied residential customers, the plant has been very successful when used in city parks and landscapes.

Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone! & Bunnies Gone! are quick and easy to grow as annuals. They can reach heights of 12" to 18" unless pinched, has thick fleshy leaves and delightful spiked lavender flowers. It is also drought tolerant and easy to maintain. Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone! & Bunnies Gone! should be planted in partial to full sun, about 30" to 36" apart, around vegetable gardens, flower gardens, landscape area, and play areas.

Shipped in-pot.  Greenhouse Grown in 3-1/2" pots.  Licensed patent tag/stake included.  Grown in soilless mix.  Patent protected plant.  Propagation prohibited.  We are authorized growers and all royalties have been paid.

NOTE:  We are NOT the developer of this plant.  It has proven successful all over the US and UK in deterring cats, dogs, and rabbits.  We have many repeat customers that purchase these every year.  However, we do NOT guarantee the effectiveness for any given application.


Plants shipped are larger than those shown above

This plant cannot be shipped when there is a chance it could freeze.

NOTE:  Available late March thru October only

3-1/2" Pot size:  Item 10003


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Item Name: Dog's Gone Flat of 18 pots   Item Number: 13391


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4-1/2" pot size:  Item 76176


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What variety of plant is it?
t is a Plectranthus having a Biological name of Sumcol 01 "Coleus Canina". It is a patented plant under the US Patent and Trademark office Patent #13843.

What other animals does it work on besides dogs, cats and rabbits?
It has been reported to be effective on groundhogs, raccoons, foxes, field mice and in the southern regions armadillos.

Does it work on Deer?
Positive results have been seen.

What is its overall effectiveness?
It has been proven to be very effective for most breeds of animals listed. The plant scent is non-offensive to humans. Animals with a highly acute sense of smell avoid an area where the Coleus' are planted. One plant will effectively protect a nine square foot area under normal circumstances.

Does it work as an inside plant?
It is effective as indoor decorative plant. Some people have had success at keeping cats off of tables or furniture. The plant needs as much light as possible to grow well in an indoor environment.

How cold/heat tolerant is the plant?
It is an annual in most of the United States. It is a perennial in warmer zones. Plants have been grown in many areas with night time temperatures in the low 30o's (f) with slight tip burn due to a light frost. Plants have also been grown in Mesa, Arizona and have done extremely well with daytime temperatures reaching 117o (f). The plant is heat and humidity loving and grows quickly in these conditions.

Does it flower?
Yes. Once mature it has a lavender spiked flower and will continue to flower the remainder of the season.

What are its growth habits?
Plants can reach 12" - 18" in height. Plants can also be cut back at 6" - 8" to form an outside border to protect landscape beds, vegetable gardens, decorative shrubbery and children's play areas.