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Donkey Tail Euphorbia

Euphorbia myrsinites


Very unusual trailing, evergreen foliage accented in spring by 1" gold flowers at the tips of every branch.  Good for edging elevated planters, borders, and especially effective in rock gardens.  Hardy perennial to zone 4b.

Hardy in Zones 5-9.  Will survive in Zone 4 with winter protection.

Be very careful of the milky white sap that oozes out of a cut stem, as it is poisonous. if ingested and can cause skin irritation in some individuals.   Protect open wounds and eyes.  Skin irritation is minor or lasting only for a few minutes unless sensitive.  Those that are sensitive may experience redness, swelling, or even blisters after some delay following contact with skin. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea when ingested. Don't eat it.  Keep away from children.



Height:  6"  Spread:  12-18".

3"  pot size  plants:      

Item Name: Donkey Tail Euphorbia 3" Pot  Item Number: 65899


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Pkt. 15 seeds  $2.49

Item Name: Donkey Tail Euphorbia Seed Pkt.  Item Number: 76139


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