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"Flame" Amur Maple

acer ginnala

15 to 20' tall and may be grown as a multi-trunk tree, single trunk tree, or multi stem shrub.  Also makes a fine sheared hedge.  (Below)

Very cold hardy to zone 2.  Withstands strong and sustained winds well.  Good wind and snow break.  Fantastic fall color!   

These are best grown in normal garden soil in full sun to partial shade. Used widely in landscapes as hedge, partitions, or short tree-shrubs. Leafs out early and casts dense shade.

Vigorous grower that is very tolerant of temperature extremes.

Available as plants and seed.  Seed is collected from selected 'flame' plants.  Expect some genetic variability.


Seed:  Pkt is 35 seeds  Easy to grow!  Item Number: 76106


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