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"Flame" Brilliant Red Twig Willow

Salix alba 'flame'

Common Name: White willow




'Flame' is an all-male white willow cultivar which is most noted for the fact that its new growth stems turn red to orange-red in winter.  To maximize this red stem effect, this plant is usually grown as a multi-stemmed shrub with the branches being cut back heavily each year in late winter to about 1' from the ground before new growth appears. Plants are fast growing and can usually produce 6-8' of new growth in one growing season.  If not pruned , this can eventually mature into a large shrub or medium size tree. Very narrow, lance-shaped, finely-toothed leaves (to 4" long) are light green above and silver green below, turning variable shades of yellow  in autumn. 

Zones: 2 to 8
Size at maturity:12 ft Spread: 12 ft Form: weeping

This willow is used often in landscapes. Can be used as a substitute for red dogwood.  Very hardy.  Loves wet soils!

The plant grows rapidly and needs to be cut back every few years. Like most willows, it grows in moist soil.   keep away from septic fields and tanks.  The roots will invade!

Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped bare root to semi-bare root depending on season.

Brilliant Red Twig Willow  18-36"  

Item Name: Red Twig Flame Willow Gal.. SBR   Item Number: 90027

Red Twig Flame Willow Gal.. SBR
Qty: Price: $10.95 ea.  3-9 @ $9.95 ea.  10 or more @ $8.95 ea

Harwood Cuttings:  Hardwood cuttings below.  VERY easy to root and fast growing**.  Available November to April ONLY.  8-12" length 1/4" caliper minimum.  Sold in increments of ten only.  One of the easiest trees to root and grow!

Item Name: Red Twig Flame Hardwood Cuttings lot/10   Item Number: 13195

Red Twig Flame Hardwood Cuttings lot/10
Qty: Price: $3.99 per 10


**Place cutting right side up in moist soil or growing media, leaving the top two buds exposed.  Keep moist.  Rooting will take place in 7-21 days and be ready to plant out in 1-2 months.  Can also be stuck in place outdoors in spring if soil is moist and warm.  If a tree form is desired, select best leader and prune away others.  This willow can grow 4-6 feet in one year from a rooted cutting under good, moist conditions.


Want a head start?  We also offer pre-rooted, established liners* below.

Item Name: Red Twig Flame liner*   Item Number: 13196

Red Twig Flame liner
Qty: Price: $3.99


*A "liner" is a small, potted "starter" plant.  We grow them in 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 3" deep liner pots and the plants are shipped in the pot.  Ready to plant out in the final location or into 2 gallon or larger containers.