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Hakuro Nishiki Dappled Willow

Salix integra 'Alba Maculata'

Click on above thumbnail for close up of leaves


Beautiful, colorful, self branching shrub with tri-color leaves are sure to attract attention in your landscape.  This is one of our hot sellers!

New growth appears green and creamy white with pink overtones.  As the growth matures, the pink fades and the leaves become mottled and streaked with green and white.  Pruning will force new growth and the color cycle starts all over again.

Considered a medium fast grower, this member of the willow family also likes moist soil.  Height without pruning is about 7 feet.  Sun to partial shade.  Best color in full sun.

Zones 4-9

Winter branches above

Container grown in gallon containers.  Shipped out of pot, root ball wrapped.  18-36""+  Well basal branched.

2 gallon size also available.


Dappled Willow.  Gallon size  Item Number: 61010


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