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Blue & Purple Kiwi Flower



Blue Kiwi Perennial Flower


 Purple Kiwi Perennial Flower




About this very unique flower:

Latin name:  Cerinthe.  Also known as Honeywort.  Perennial usually treated as an annual.  Will survive winters here in Zone 5 north with lots of good winter mulch................but not always.  Easy to grow.  Height:  18".  Hummingbirds love them!  This year we are offering three colors:

  • Blue Kiwi has a purplish-blue flower and bluish-green waxy foliage.  18"

  • Purple Kiwi has purple flowers sometimes streaked on the edges with a lighter color and has a very green, waxy foliage that almost doesn't look real! 18"



  • Close up of purple flowers

We grow these around a large tree in a brick planter every year since it is close to our deck and we can watch the hummingbirds at work.  The plants on the south, west, and east do the best as they get almost full day sun.  The plants on the north side do not get as large since they get only morning sun, but bloom more in the heat of the summer.  They both look fantastic with a bed of Purple Wave Petunias growing in front of them!



Kiwi  (Cerinthe) 14-18”  Half-Hardy Perennial Usually Treated as an Annual

Best to start these seeds early (4-6 weeks before last frost).  Sow 1” apart in individual cells or jiffy 7 pellets ” deep.  Keep at 70 degrees.  Germination can take from 7-21 days.  Seedlings are prone to damp-off, so keep on the dry side.  Plant out into the garden in full sun to part shade.  Keep well watered in the hottest part of summer.  These are self-branching, but will benefit by deadheading the terminal blossoms after bloom to induce more branches and flowers.  Hardy to Zone 5 with good winter protection.  We treat these as an annual.  Should bloom 10-12 weeks after sowing.  Often self reseeds itself.


Blue Kiwi.  12 seeds:  $2.50   

Item Name: Blue Kiwi Seed Pkt    Item Number: 13043

Blue Kiwi Seed Pkt
Qty: Price: $2.50


Purple Kiwi.  12 Seeds:  $2.50   

Item Name: Purple Kiwi Seed Pkt    Item Number: 13044

Purple Kiwi Seed Pkt
Qty: Price: $2.50