Milan, Illinois
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Little Henry® Sweetspire

Itea virginica 'sprich'

A beautiful touch to add to the landscape!

A new compact Sweetspire!  Pure white flowers in the early summer cover this low mounded, compact shrub.

Ideal for flooding large banks, beds, and borders.

Very fragrant in bloom and attracts butterflies in droves!

If you think that burning bush has vivid fall reds, then wait until you see this!


Here is another plus:  This shrub grows well in areas from full shade to full sun!

 It's hardy to zone 5-10.  Height and width without pruning is 24-36"

Also makes an excellent container plant!

This is a patented variety and all royalties have been paid.  Patent tag included.  Unauthorized propagation or sale of plant parts for propagation is prohibited by law.

Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped out of pot with rootball wrapped. 

Little Henry Itea  10-24", branched: 

Item Name: Little Henry Itea Gal.. SBR    Item Number: 90024

Little Henry Itea Gal.. SBR
Qty: Price: $14.95 ea.  3-9 @ $13.95 ea.  10-100 @ 12.95 ea. 

Item Name: Little Henry Itea 2 Gal.. SBR    Item Number: 13002

Little Henry Itea 2 Gal.. SBR
Qty: Price: $29.95