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Little Lamb®


Hydrangea Paniculata 'Little Lamb'

A sweet new compact hardy Hydrangea from Jelena DeBelder of Belgium. Little Lamb is unique because it's flower petals are the smallest of any Hydrangea. These diminutive little flowers are held in tight but delicate little flowerheads that look like little dancing lambs floating above this compact shrub. This special shrub blooms in mid-summer and last into autumn. The pure white blooms light up a garden and blends wonderfully with all other colors. Use The Little Lamb in bouquets either fresh or dried to make a unique floral design. This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering and flower color regardless of soil pH or winter temperatures.

The blooms are well distributed making a very nice plant and display.  Blooms at a very young age!

Zone 4-7

Bloom Time: Begins in late July - early August and remains showy thru autumn.

Size: 4 to 6 feet high and wide with age. Can be easily maintained as a smaller plant or trained into a small tree

Full sun to light shade

Adaptable to many soils, moderate moisture

This is a patented variety and all royalties have been paid.  Patent tag included.  Unauthorized propagation or sale of plant parts for propagation is prohibited by law.

Container grown.  Minimum 12"+ tall.  Shipped out of pot with rootball wrapped.

Item Name: Little Lamb Hydrangea SBR  Item Number: 74504


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