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Lizard Sedum


Lizard Sedum is a very heat and drought tolerant sedum. It produces a tight, rosy-green cushion of needles with pink to reddish tips. In late summer, it blooms with many tiny, star-shaped white flowers.  This is a fast growing Sedum and makes a delightful filler in containers.  Also an excellent ground cover for hot and dry areas.  Not for foot traffic, though.

Looks great in rock gardens, too!

Height is 4-6" at maturity with a mature width of 10-12".  This is a clump former, not a runner.


Hardy in zones 8 and up.  Grown as an annual in colder zones outdoors.  Also very useful as an indoor pot plant for a sunny area and is very forgiving if you forget to water it.

Item Name: Lizard Sedum  3" pot     Item Number: 13396

Lizard Sedum 3" Pot
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Also available in 70 count plug flats.  Check HERE for availability