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Weeping Love Grass


eragrostis trichodes

Family: Gramineae


Also known as 'Sand Love Grass'

A cool season, clumping grass with medium green foliage growing 1-2 ft. tall and spreading 18-24 inches wide. Bears large, nodding panicles that almost obscure the foliage throughout the summer.

The flowers are olive-purple, maturing to a grayish color, and are quite delicate and move in the slightest breeze. Foliage turns a beautiful bronze-red color after a freeze.

Likes sandy soils and used extensively as an ornamental grass.

This is a stunning accent plant and the flowers are wonderful dried and fresh as arrangement material.

Zones 5-9.


SEED:  Pkt 200++ seeds

Item Name: Weeping Love Grass Seed    Item Number: 76133


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