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Pink Flowering Dogwood

 Cornus florida rubra


The flowering dogwood is unquestionably one of the most popular of our native flowering trees.

Height to 30 feet, with a rounded, open, horizontal branching habit. Moderate growth. The branches are covered with spectacular pink bracts of flowers in Spring before leaves appear.

Fall fruits are glossy, red, and persist well into late fall. Foliage turns a bright scarlet in fall.


Excellent used as specimens, masses or naturalized under large trees. Prefers deep, moist but well-drained soil. Avoid deep planting and a hot, dry exposure.  Not reliably hardy Zone 4a.

NOTE:  We get a lot of calls telling us there is no such thing as pink dogwood from seed.  Cornus florida rubra  is a separate genus from Cornus florida, which does bloom white.  Cornus florida rubra from seed will be variable in bloom color ranging from a light pink to red.  Named varieties of flowering dogwood in the pink and red shades are selections of this genus which are budded or grafted onto Cornus florida rootstock.

Zones 4b-8

Seed:  Pak of 10-12 seeds 

Item Name: Pink Flowering Dogwood Seed Pkt        Item Number: 76099


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