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Privet  Hedge

Also known as Common Privet

  Ligustrum  vulgare


Above hedge is three years old from 12" plants.

The above hedge serves as a snow fence in winter, as well.

Container grown in Gallon pots.  Superior to field grown plants........Our container-grown plants have a denser and more branched root system.  Shipped semi-bare root.  12-30" tall & well branched. 

Makes an excellent hedge!  Can be kept pruned short or into shapes.  Un-pruned plants may reach 15'

Hardy to Zone 4-8.  Performs best in zones 5-8.  Northern zones better suited for Amur privet.  Plant in full sun.  Space 1-3 feet apart for hedge.


SEED:  200 per pak

Item Name: Common Privet Seed Pkt   Item Number: 76116

Common Privet Seed Pkt
Qty: Price: $2.75

PLANTS:  Shipped semi-bare root.   

Gallon size Privet:  12-30" 

Item Name: Common Privet GAL SBR   Item Number: 76117

Common Privet GAL SBR
Qty: Price: $3.95 ea.  10-24@ $3.75 ea.  25-49 @ $3.50 ea.  50-99 @ $3.25 ea.  100 or more @ $3.00 ea.

Two gallon size Privet:  36-48"  Multi branched.

Item Name: Common Privet 2 GAL SBR   Item Number: 20050

Common Privet 2 GAL SBR
Qty: Price: $9.95 ea.