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Provence Lavender

Height & width:  24"

Hardy Zones 5-8;   In Zones 9-11 this is usually grown as an annual during the cooler months

Because of its sweet, pure scent and lovely violet blooms, Provence lavender is famous worldwide and used in perfumes, crafts and cooking.   Sometimes called "The Lavender of France", this French Lavender is commercially grown worldwide for use in fragrances and sachets. It is a major source of French lavender oil

Aromatic gray-green foliage and large spikes of fragrant blue-violet flowers on long stems make 'Provence' perfect for edging an herb garden or perennial border in a sunny spot.


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Item Name:  Provence Lavender  3-1/2" pot     Item Number: 13339

Provence Lavender 3-1/2" pot
Qty: Price: $5.95 ea.  3 or more @ $3.95 ea.


Item Name:  Provence Lavender  3-1/2" pot Flat of 18 pots    Item Number: 13340

Provence Lavender 3-1/2" pot Flat of 18 pots
Qty: Price: $36.80