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Schubert Chokecherry

Also sometimes called Canada Red Cherry

Prunus virginiana var. Schubert


A shrub or small tree; Usually grown as a tree.  Height usually not over 20 to 25 feet.  Trunk diameter 4 to 8 inches.   The inner bark has bitter cherry flavor and aroma. Covered in blooms during Spring.

This strain has a purplish foliage for most of the summer and fall.  Leaves emerge as bright green in the spring, changing to a deep, deep reddish purple.  Dense, pyramidal to oval shape, and grayish bark.

Fruit is borne in dense clusters; first reddish, then turning nearly black when fully ripe. The skin of fruit thick; flesh thin and dark; very astringent to the taste, but edible.  Used in the making of jams, jellies, and some very good tasting wine.

Popular tree for birds. Chokecherry is the most widely distributed tree in North America, extending from the Arctic Circle to Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Rockies.

Very hardy.  Zones 2-9

 Very adaptable. Tolerates poor dry soils. Full sun to partial shade


Plants shipped semi bare root

Gallons.  24-40".   Item Number: 76284

Schubert Chokecherry GAL SBR
Qty: Price: $10.95 ea.  3-9 @ $9.95 ea.  10 or more @ $8.95 ea.



Three Gallon 3-4'+  Item Number: 76285

Schubert Chokecherry 3 GAL SBR
Qty: Price: $18.95



Seed:   pak of 15-20 seeds.  Easy from seed.  Some genetic variability occurs with about 80% having the red-purple foliage.  Remaining 20% have the standard green foliage.  Obvious in the first year.  Item Number: 76096

Schubert Chokecherry Seed Pkt
Qty: Price: $2.50