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Show Off™ Forsythia




Interested in seeing a stellar fireworks show before the 4th of July? This little beauty will be a blast of early spring color from the ground up! Forsythia is no longer one of those plants that you have to take the pruning shears to. There are many alternative, new compact growers that have will give you a bang for your buck and this little guy is one of them.

Show Off™ is not your typical Forsythia! It is compact and full of blooms from the ground to the ends of every stem. Older varieties can become out of control and often become victims of pruning. This little beauty will stay small so there is no need to prune. It will just put a smile on your face. This variety is a vast improvement over all. Now you can have your hedge – tight and compact the way you want it without doing any work.


Full sun for best bloom
Height  36-72"

Spacing  36-72"

Zones 4b-8

Sent semi-bare root.  Container grown in gallon pots.

Item Name: Show Off Forsythia GAL SBR  Item Number: 02135


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