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Silky Dogwood

Comus amomum Mill.

Native to eastern United States. Dense foliage turns red in fall. Small flat clusters of yellowish-white flowers in late May, followed by blue or grayish berries in the fall. Bark is scarlet red in color all winter long. Grows best in well drained, moist soil and full sun although will tolerate partial shade. Occasional vigorous pruning in the spring is recommended to force young shoot growth resulting in a more dense tree and brighter red twigs in winter. BERRIES ATTRACT BIRDS. Also very good for soil erosion on banks.
Zone: 4-8
Height: 9 Feet but may be pruned shorter.

Berries                                  Twigs                                       Leaves

Uses: Excellent for specimen planting, single-row windbreaks, as well as other farmstead windbreaks.  The fruit is eaten by many songbirds and upland game birds. Used as an ornamental as well as an erosion-preventing shrub.  Fast growing with a very dense root system holds soils well.

Site: Grows best in moist soils and adapts to soils that are somewhat poorly drained to well-drained. It is moderate in shade tolerance but is not drought tolerant.

Growth: Reaches a height of 9 feet and spreads. May be pruned back to desired height.  Makes an excellent screen!

The above Dogwood is four years old and we keep it pruned back to 4 feet in height.

Planting instructions: Plant no more than 6 feet apart if making group plantings.  Full sun to partial shade.

Shipped bare to semi bare root, depending on season.

We ship container grown, 2+ yr old plants that are 12-24" in height.

Silky Dogwood plants Gallon size 12-24" 

Item Name: Silky Dogwood GAL SBR  Item Number: 78968


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Seeds:  Pak of 25      

Item Name: Silky Dogwood Seed   Item Number: 78862


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