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Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum

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FAST growing tree.

Hardy Zones 3-9.  Moderate to fast grower.  Up to 125' at maturity.  60' to 80' wide

Best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

Silver Maple is native to many parts of North America. Mainly found in the Midwest and the east all the way from Maine to Florida. It likes low and moist land, but is also quite drought tolerant.

A very fast growing tree, capable of going from seed to a 6' tree in less than three years.  Avoid planting near sidewalks or driveways as the roots can heave the ground.  Not a good choice for near the house due to very large mature size.

Often planted for quick shade until other trees develop, then removed.

This Maple has magnificent leaves. Very deeply notched and will show a silvery underside when turned by the wind. Blooms in early March to April, depending on zone, before the leaves appear.  Fall color: yellow to brown.

Seed is harvested in late April to May, does not store, and MUST be planted with a couple of weeks.

Seed:  35 per pak.  AVAILABLE SPRING ONLY.  MUST BE PLANTED WITH 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT.  WILL GERMINATE IN 1-3 DAYS AFTER PLANTING.  THESE SEEDS WILL NOT STORE.  Orders are accumulated and seed is shipped as soon as harvested in Spring. Item Number: 76113


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