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Silver Pussy Willow 

salix discolor

Also known as "Goat Willow"


This is the old favorite that you used to see growing at grandma's house!  Easy to grow.  Branches are easily forced in the early spring just by placing in water in a warm room!

Hardiness Zones: 4 to 8
Height: 20 ft Spread: 12 ft Form: oval
Type: deciduous shrub
Annual Growth Rate: more than 18 inches
Catkins:  Silver-Gray

The plant grows rapidly and needs to be cut back every few years. Like most willows, it grows in moist soil.   keep away from septic fields and tanks.  The roots will invade!

Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped bare root to semi-bare root depending on season.


Pussy Willow  18-36"   Item Number: 90033


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