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Southern Gentleman

Winterberry Holly


Ilex verticillata

One of the best plants for fall and winter color.

Female plants produce bright red berries in profusion in early fall while leaves are still green and remain until mid-winter.  This male variety is required for berry production on the females.  Allow one male for every three females.  Plants should be within 50' of each other for best fruit set.

Berried stems often used in seasonal dried arrangements. 

Likes acidic soil, will tolerate wet, swampy conditions.

Native to the northeastern United States.

Winterberry is dioecious, so both male and female plants are needed for fruit production.

Zone: 4-9
Height: 9 Feet
Spread: 9 Feet

May be pruned shorter.  We keep ours to 3' x 3'.

Winterberry's bright red berries provide color in  winter after the leaves have fallen off. The plant grows in sun or partial shade and a rich, well- drained soil, although it tolerates swampy areas.   The fruits are often eaten by birds.  Also used at Christmas for decorations.

1 gallon = 12-18" ; 2yr. heavily rooted.  Container grown in gallon* pots.  Branched.

 Shipped out of pot with rootball wrapped.  (SBR= Semi Bare Root)

Item Name: Southern Gentleman Winterberry Holly Gallon SBR  Item Number: 21877


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Item Name: Southern Gentleman Winterberry Holly 2 Gallon SBR  Item Number: 13114


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*Gallon container also known as #1 trade size.  Actual capacity is .86 gallon


Also makes a nice informal hedge.