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Staghorn Sumac

Rhus typhina

Interest 4 seasons!

A small tree or shrub growing to 25-30 feet, distinguished by its twigs covered with long hairs that resemble the velvet of stag's antlers.  Fantastic fall colors!  Brilliant red to scarlet colors up early and hangs on late.  Seed heads often remain all winter, feeding the birds and adding a little color to an otherwise drab landscape.  Seed heads usually hold the red color through the winter.


Mature height and width:  10-25 feet x 15-25 feet.  Medium growth rate.  Full sun to partial shade.  Often grows as an understory tree at the edge of forests. 

Zones 4-8 recommended, however I have seen this growing in zone 3b.  May do poorly in southern zone 8.

Fast growing, spreading, small tree.  Also excellent for erosion control on banks and hills.

SEED:  50 seeds per pak.  Easy.  Does require stratificationItem Number: 76127


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