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Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum

Beautiful Autumn colors on this moderate growing tree.

Hardy Zones 4-8.  May do poorly in warmer parts of zone 8.  Moderate grower.  Up to 80' at maturity.  30' to 50' wide

Best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

Native to many parts of North America. Mainly found in the Midwest, Canada and the northeast. It prefers rich, moderately deep soils having even moisture coupled with good drainage. While it prefers acidic soils, it adapts readily to those of neutral or alkaline pH. Clay soils cause it to struggle more in terms of root penetration to tap into deep soil moisture in times of drought.

This tree is valued for its hard, dense, fine-grained and difficult-to-split wood, which is utilized for floors, furniture, veneer, musical instruments, and railroad ties. The hardness of the wood gives it the alternative common name of Rock Maple.

Native Americans invented the process of maple sap collection and its distillation into maple sugar and maple syrup.  This is still a widespread practice in the northeast.

Seed:  35 per pak.   Item Number: 76114


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