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Sutherland Gold Sambucus (Elder)

 Sambucus racemosa

Truly a sight to behold!!  Masses of creamy yellow conical clusters of  flowers in mid spring are followed by glossy, bright red fruits and deeply cut, coppery-red-bronze juvenile leaves that turn a bright golden yellow.

This is a bushy, deciduous shrub with gracefully arching shoots that makes a stunning specimen plant and a fantastic contrast for it's sisters Black Beauty® and Black Lace®. The bright yellow-gold delicate foliage is less susceptible to sun-scorch than other gold leaved varieties.

Birds love the red berries, too!


Full sun only in northern zones.  Looks best in partial shade but can also be grown in complete shade.

Zones 3-8

4-6 ft height and spread if cut back in the spring.  5-10 ft height x 6-8 ft.  width if not.


NOTE:  The raw berries are not edible and may be toxic to some people. They are edible if they've been cooked or fermented, however.


Container grown in gallon pots shipped semi-bare root.  (these are pruned back in late fall, so top size may vary)

Item Name: Sutherland Gold Sambucus Gal.. SBR   Item Number: 90019


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