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Sweet Birch

  Betula lenta


Beautiful fall colors!

Clean, glossy green foliage and clear yellow fall color.

Height: 35-50' Width: 20-40'

Hardiness Zone: 3b

This little known tree has an excellent potential for landscape use. It's upright pyramidal form creates an accent in the landscape. Foliage is an attractive medium green and develops an outstanding clear yellow fall color.

The twigs have a distinctive wintergreen odor when bruised. Sweet birch was at one time the only source of oil of wintergreen. It is the aroma of wintergreen emanating from crushed leaves and broken twigs to which this birch owes its common name, sweet.

 The wood is also unique. When exposed to air it darkens to a color resembling mahogany and, in times past, was used as an inexpensive substitute for the more valued tropical wood

It is resistant to bronze birch borer, an insect pest which frequently damages white barked birches.

Sweet Birch is native to the eastern United States. It is a medium-fast grower.

Requirements and Culture:

Prefers a good loam soil and needs ample soil moisture. Full sun or partial shade. Do not prune in spring since excessive sap bleeding can occur. May also be grown as a clump of three to four trees.

This tree is not readily available at nurseries or garden centers, but we have some from time to time.  Grown from seed.

Shipped Spring & Fall only.    Container grown trees are 12-36" and are well developed.



Sweet Birch 12-36"  ITEM 10251


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